TV With Roku Streaming - TV With Roku Streaming

  GET STARTED How to link your Roku device using Device linking process is not a tough job 1. Login to the Roku com link account 2. Move to the Player section 3. Begin your search to find Roku com link enter code 4. Open a web browser and paste the URL, 5. Type the code in the space that appears 6. Wait for a while until the device linking process complete 7.  Use your Roku remote, navigate to the streaming channel tab Connect your Roku device to power From a USB port on your TV. Use the power adapter to connect your Roku streaming device to a wall outlet. 1. Power on your TV and select the correct input. 2. On-screen setup and activation. 3. The first screen you see allows you to choose a language. 4. If you are using a wired network, make sure an Ethernet cable is connected to your Roku player. 5. Choose your wireless network from the list of available networks and enter your password. 6. Once you enter your password and select Connect, your Roku device a